Once in a blue moon you will meet a couple like Lia and Sam. And if you are super lucky you will get to know them and call them friends. And if you are even LUCKIER you will be the person that gets selected to capture their wedding day. I consider myself to be insanely lucky.

We met at Oregon Ridge, ran around in the freezing cold. But I bet you couldn’t tell from these images how incredibly cold it was (thank you Lia and Sam.) We joked about literally everything. Sam and I bonded over our mutual love of Titus Andromedon. While Lia’s laugh lit up the entire park.

This afternoon we spent together felt more like I was hanging out with childhood pals. I hope you can feel that in these images.

I cannot wait for their big day next summer <3

Hair and Makeup: Caitlyn Meyer



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  1. Ahhh I love you!! These are incredible

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