Investment STARTING AT $1,200

Engagement sessions are included in most of our wedding packages. Though some couples like to do them separately if eloping. This is typically an evening shoot where we get to know each other a bit, try a few different locations or settings, and ultimately tell this chapter of your story with some great images of just the two of you...and maybe your dog, I like dogs!

Engagement Sessions

Investment STARTING AT $900

Family sessions are about real moments, spontaneity, belly laughs, running off to get some great candids and of course all the silliness. Unposed images of a family having fun, not taking themselves too seriously, is my sweet spot.

Family Sessions

Investment STARTING AT $5,700

We have everything from your most basic 6 hourWe have packages to fit all your wedding day needs! Everything from your most basic 6 hour single shooter package, up to a 10 hour package including two shooters and a custom album. My team has over 300 weddings under our belt and counting, we've got the silliness to make your wedding day fun and the experience to ensure it runs smoothly. package to 10 hour including two shooters and a custom album. We have packages to fit all your wedding day needs! Between the team we have over 300 weddings under our belt, we've got the experience and silliness to make your wedding day run smooth!

Wedding Packages 

it goes a little something like this

non stop laughter

Wonderful memories

a new friend

jazz hands

and more shenanigans


what to expect...

I could ramble for an eternity about how amazing and wonderful Jill is, but at the end of the day only one fact matters: Hiring Jill was the single best decision we made for our entire wedding. Having previously worked part time in the wedding industry in Maryland, I knew YEARS before I was even engaged that I needed Jill as my wedding photographer. Everything from her response time to attentiveness, communication, pre-event planning etc. all go above and beyond. Trust me when I say, she will be your one, stand-out, vendor you will not have to worry about. Her unique skill and shooting style jump out at you, even with just a quick skim of her gorgeous and glowy portfolio. It’s easy to see from her photos why she is the best of the best, BUT, what truly sets Jill apart are her personality and attitude. I cannot stress enough, how much this raises Jill above others in her field. I loathe, with every ounce of my being, being in front of a camera. It makes me so anxious I could throw up, and that anxiety does NOT translate well on film. This brought an unprecedented level of dread to the whole experience, that no dose of Xanax could remedy. Enter Jill: her presence has an utterly inexplicable way of putting you completely at ease. She gives helpful direction and guides you through shooting, without even realizing you’re being given instructions. She made the most anxiety inducing parts of my wedding day (and events leading up to it!) feel like my husband and I were non-stop laughing with a lifelong friend. Not to mention, we had an incredibly tight timeline for photos that involved complex logistics and multiple venue changes. She navigated the entire day with unmatched expertise- pivoting when needed, keeping me on time, and keeping my stress level at an absolute minimum. It was an insanely crazy and complicated few days, that she managed to make feel simultaneously effortless and a ton of fun for us. I still can’t believe she was able to rearrange her schedule to fly all the way to Italy to photograph our wedding events. She was without a doubt, the MVP of the entire experience and we are eternally grateful for all she has done for us. There are plenty of highly rated photographers in this industry- but if you want a truly five star expert, above and beyond, investment worthy experience on your wedding day- do yourself a favor, and hire Jill.

Jen & Jim

Jillian's work speaks for itself (and if you don't believe us take a look at her instagram: @jilliambob) so this review will focus on Jillian's incredible work as a our photographer, wedding coach, style consultant, and overall amazing human being.
When we first met Jillian for our engagement shoot we instantly fell in love with her energy and enthusiasm! Jillian is a warm, energetic, hilarious, and delightful person. She is exactly the kind of person you would want to shoot your wedding day. For our engagement shoot I was pretty nervous and feeling awkward and she helped us with posing and made it feel easy and fun. One thing you won't see in Jillian's photos are fake smiles. She has an uncanny ability to make the subjects of her photo laugh and then capture the perfect moment of joy. Needless to say, when we got our engagement photos back we were in awe, they were so beautiful and captured truly genuine moments.
For our wedding day Jillian and her assistant Rebekah exceeded our expectations. Jillian and Rebekah literally climbed into bushes, behind gazebos, and through gardens to get the perfect shot. Jillian also acted as a backup of sorts for our wedding coordinator by providing instructions to the bridal party to not only look great in the pictures, but to keep all the events of our big day on schedule. Even during family portraits (which I knew would be stressful because well... family) Jillian was able to keep us calm and get all of our shots done quickly while continuing to make everyone feel comfortable. She also was an absolute hit with our wedding guests and kept everyone smiling and laughing all night long! When we got our photos back my family and I were pretty much in tears. The photos were everything we had dreamed of and more, they captured the beauty and the spirit of our wedding and reception perfectly and we could not be happier with her work.
Thank you, thank you, thank you Jillian! You made our day everything we dreamed of and more, and now we have some amazing photos to relive our special day for decades to come!

Lauren & Andres

My husband and I met Jill at a wedding vendor event-and we were there a little early while the vendors were still setting up when we came across Jill's table. She stopped what she was doing and we immediately connected over her amazing photos and my engagement ring. She proceeded to talk to us for another 20 or so minutes about everything from my now husbands proposal, to our favorite shows to even giving us advice on what to look for in our vendors. I wanted to book her on the spot, but my husband told me to wait and meet a few more photographers. After doing so, all the others we met were the same and none came close to the connection we made with Jill. So after emailing back and forth a few times-Jill was the first vendor we booked for our special day over a year in advance from our wedding.
We did an engagement session with her back at our college campus, on what was one of the hottest days in the summer. I was nervous because my husband hates posed pictures so I wasn't sure how these were going to go. After about 10 minutes Jill had him comfortable and joking around which made for great photos-and an even better time. We even brought our pet rabbit with us Jill was really great at including her when the time was right :) When we got those photos back I couldn't wait to work with Jill again and see what out wedding photos would be like.
From then on Jill and I would message back and forth a bit sharing funny memes- Then a week before our wedding we had a call with her to set up a timeline and vision for the photos we wanted. The day of the wedding came and at this point Jill felt like an old friend and she (along with her team Mike and Rebecca) made connections with our friends and family making everyone feel really comfortable.
Jill, Rebecca and Mike went above and beyond to do everything they could for us to feel special-even somethings I would think a photographer wouldn't do like checking in with me making sure I had enough coffee :) and adjusting my hair when things were a bit out of place. After the wedding she shared some teasers with us with in like 12 hours after leaving our wedding and then had all of our photos back to us with in 2 weeks! She really captured the goofiness yet emotional side of my husband and gave us photos we will cherish and love for a long time to come.

Ali & Ben





Some Love Notes From Couples...

If you’re reading this and considering hiring Jill, stop what you’re doing immediately and hire her ASAP!! We found Jill after seeing her beautiful, stand out photos displayed at a venue and we could not be happier with our decision. She was a huge part of what made our wedding day so successful. We both don’t generally like being the center of attention, but Jill made taking our photos fun and effortless. She has a way of making you feel special and for once we both felt like models/movie stars in our photographs! We can’t stop looking back at our engagement and wedding photos to relive the memories and have gotten so many compliments from family and friends. One of our friends even mentioned wishing they had hired her for their wedding!! Taking photos with Jill is truly a dream. She brings so much energy and positivity when she enters a room and has such a wonderful sense of humor. Her team, including Rebekah, was also wonderful to work with. We’re both sad our wedding day is over because we don’t have an excuse to hang out with her anymore. We can’t say enough— she’s just the coolest! We’d give her a bajillion stars if we could.

Max & melissa

Three months later and we are still just as thrilled as our wedding day. We didn't meet Jill in person until two days before our wedding day, but we immediately felt so comfortable with her. She made us look so natural and every photo is not only beautiful, but feels entirely authentic. Her energy is so warm and contagious-- in the middle of our reception my parents spent the evening praising Jill and her team on the phenomenal job they were doing. To say you will not be disappointed is an understatement. We could not have made a better choice.

sarah & tom

We absolutely love Jill so much!! We live in nashville and had her come out and photograph our 2-day wedding. She was so professional but also so FUN. You do not feel nervous or stuffy with her around AT ALL. You’re going to have a freakin blast. She also knows all the best shots and how to get them. Some traditional things we were unsure about became some of the best moments of the entire wedding. She is absolutely worth every penny and you will not regret hiring her. WE ♥️ JILL 4ever!!

marelle & Bobby

Are you considering hiring Jillian for your photo needs? THEN JUST DO IT ALREADY! Seriously, hiring Jill is THE BEST decision that you will make for your wedding, and probably your life! We first met Jill at the Gramercy Mansion for a wedding expo. She was this fun, bubble of energy that made us feel like we’ve known her for years.

Her photos are absolutely gorgeous, her energy is infectious, and you will have beautiful photos that you are proud to show everyone, and you will have gained a new friend. From our first meeting, my mind was made up…We wanted Jill for our wedding! Jill has a way of making you smile, even if you feel uncomfortable, and she has a way of making you feel like a million bucks! There truly aren’t enough adjectives to describe how lovely and talented this gal is. Weddings are expensive, and you will have to make a lot of decisions involving large sums of money. Jill and her team are one decision that you will absolutely not regret or second guess. Her assistant, Rebekah is a perfect complement to Jill. They have so much fun on every shoot! Also, Jill’s second shooter, Mike, is a super cool and talented guy! Bottom line: Jill and her team are absolutely worth every cent. WE LOVE YOU JILL!!

Scott & paul

because i adore you...