When you get lucky enough to have a couple bring their adorable fur baby along for a shoot, you include this fur baby in as many photos as possible!

I truly adore this lovely pair! We met in Fells Point and instead of planning out each shot the couple was completely up for wandering around the area and seeing what popped up! This was so much fun and I couldn’t have had a better evening with a more lovely couple.

Fun Facts:

Their fur child’s name is Henry and he is the sweetest little gentleman you would meet. By the end of the shoot he was so pooped from all of the walking, that we were able to do the ring shot ON HIS NOSE! See blow 🙂

Evan had a root canal the day of this shoot. You can’t even tell!!

Evan asked Emily to marry him with a tag he put on Henry’s dog collar, which you can see below as well. It said “Will You Marry My Dad?”

This adventurous pair left to spend Thanksgiving in Thailand two days after our shoot.

I just love my couples!



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