Spring Hill Manor Wedding | Rising Sun, MD | Kelly & Pat

November 15, 2017

This is a good one. I met Kelly through our own mutual friend Emily, who is also one of the sweetest people you would ever hope to meet and turned out that Emily was Kelly’s MOH! 

Kelly basically reached out as soon as she and Pat became engaged. I was ecstatic because I had heard so much about Kelly from Emily, including the fact that she is not only a dog person, but a pibble person.

Check out their engagement session where they included their fur child, Luke, here.

I digress. Kelly and Pat’s big day was amazing. Nothing was taken too seriously. It felt like it just flowed together beautifully. As anyone who gets married knows, timelines usually fall to the wayside on a wedding day. And the fact that Kelly and Pat just went with it.

I hope you enjoy looking at their big day as much as I did. 

I wanted to include a little from my bride about her day and her and Pat. Their how we met story is sure to make you laugh. Please read on and you will get the cute little Harry Potter references at the beginning of their blog post. Including Kelly’s wedding day gift, a signed photograph from the Harry Potter cast! GO PAT!

How they met: “I’m gonna go deep, but here is the story  — I met Pat when I was fully dressed in Harry Potter garb, prepping to attend a midnight premier of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1). The meeting was very brief. We shook hands and he went on his merry way. I was convinced he would have no interest in a nerd with a wand, but couldn’t help myself when I blurted out “who’s he?!” to Emily, my dearest friend. Emily replied simply, “oh, that’s my best friend, Pat.” Still dumbfounded, I responded “well, ‘best friend Pat’ is HOT.”

 Alas, Pat was in a relationship at the time and I assumed we would never cross paths again.

Nine months later, I received a message from Pat out of the blue that he was traveling to Long Island with Emily for Hofstra’s Homecoming Weekend. Emily was planning to stay with me and Pat didn’t want to intrude (what a gentleman) so he was double checking to make sure I was okay with him crashing at my place as well. We talked every day for the two months leading up to his visit, and by the time he arrived at my apartment in Long Island, I could hardly contain my excitement. I even went so far as to give him a running hug, leaving poor Emily in the dust (what a bad friend I am).

As anyone who has gone to college knows, Homecoming tends to be a gigantic party weekend. This was no different at Hofstra. We began the weekend wandering around a big parking lot, tailgating with different groups of people. Little did Pat know, I had been telling every single person I came into contact with that he was my boyfriend. Apparently, I was not as stealthy as I had thought. I found out later that he knew pretty much from the start of the day what I was doing.

A few hours later, I admitted that I had been calling him my boyfriend, “just to make things easier when I introduced him”, and he laughed. He told me he didn’t mind being called my boyfriend, so I ran with it.

“Really?” I exclaimed, “that’s great news! Let me call my mom!”

The words fell out of my mouth before I could catch them. Next thing Pat knew, he was introducing himself to my mom, brother, and good friend Justin over the phone. The rest, as they say, is history.”

How he proposed: Pat proposed at his own law school graduation in front of both of our families and all of our friends 🙂 

Favorite part of your wedding day: It’s a tie between the groomsmen singing “you’ve lost that loving feeling” to my mom, and dancing to our last song together, “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. 

Tips for future brides: Try to focus on yourself and how you want to spend the day. Don’t stress about what others might expect out of your wedding. At the end of the day, it’s about YOU and your loved one <3″

Enjoy a peak into Kelly an Pat’s big day!

Fun fact: Immediately after Kelly started to head back down the isle and forgot to get her bouquet, she turned around and said “SH*T” loud and in front of Pat’s grandmother. It was hilarious. You will see that shot and her face down below 🙂

Hair and Makeup: Caitlyn Meyer
Venue: Spring Hill Manor
Catering: T&M Catering
Boots: Cowboys and Angels
Second Shooter: Mike Oswald
Dress: Mustillo’s Bridal
Flowers: Mobtown Florals
DJ: Nobel Productions

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