Kelly & Pat — Ellicott City Engagement

Now, anyone who has known me for more than five minutes knows of my deep love for dogs and an even greater love for pibbles. So needless to say once I met Kelly and heard of her and Pay’s little man Luke, I knew we weren’t meant to be in each others lives.

When we officially started planning their engagement session, the one thing she wanted to incorporate was their fur baby Luke. And after meeting him, I realized why. He’s such a sweet little guy and I honestly had to refrain from popping him into my car and driving home with him.

I had such an amazing time spending the evening with this pair shooting their engagement session. We laughed, ran through the woods, snuggled Luke and walked up on a few deer at the end of our session.

Sometimes you meet a couple and it’s like that scene from Step-Brothers where they look at each other and say “Did we just become best friends?!” This was that couple.

I cannot wait for their big day next year <3



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