March 18, 2019

Chesapeake City Engagement | Danielle & Zach

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Danielle is one of those people you meet and just think to yourself two things… ONE: How have I never met this person before? And Two: I now have a new friend because she’s truly one of the funniest people I have ever met. In my time since these photos were taken, I will admit I am a little behind the ball with blogging, she truly has become a friend. And I am so lucky our paths crossed.

This sessions was so much fun and I consider it one of the most laugh filled sessions I have had in a long time. Zach is so sweet and calm, and also bear’s a striking resemblance to Superman in my opinion. And Danielle is a total knockout. I mean come on. How in the world can someone that beautiful on the outside be equally beautiful on the inside?!

This adorable pair drove out to my neck of the woods for their engagement session so we hit up all my favorite spots that are off the beaten Baltimore path.

Oh and not to mention they TIE THE KNOT THIS WEEKEND! Here’s to a beautiful session and prepare yourself for ALL THE HUGS AND HIGH FIVES this weekend my loves!