University of Maryland Baltimore County Engagement | Baltimore, MD | Alison & Ben

February 12, 2019

There are so many unique aspects of Alison & Ben’s engagement session that I loved. First off, their adorable pet rabbit was included in some of the photos and I absolutely adored the sign they made. Second, Alison’s ring is a stunning rose gold and is super timeless and elegant. Third, these two made the inside of a traffic circle at UMBC look like a magical, golden field of light. Go ahead and peek into their photos to see.

If all of those details weren’t enough, Alison & Ben’s smiles are the perfect representation of what it’s like to be with your best friend in the entire world. Seeing them laugh together is proof that they’ll be together until they’re old, grey and wrinkled. I absolutely cannot wait to see them again on their wedding day because I know capturing their emotions smiles will be the easiest thing to do. Cheers to this happy couple – your love is amazing!



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