El Matador Beach Engagement Session | Malibu, CA | Danielle & Jensen

August 3, 2018

Once in a super blue moon I meet someone that loves animals more than I do. Not kidding. I love pretty much any animal I cross paths with and I figured my love for them couldn’t ever be topped. That was until I met Danielle.

She has a fierce love for her fur kids, Brunch and Bill. And that love is shared with her fiancé, and said fur kid’s Dad, Jensen. One would consider themselves lucky to get the chance to meet these two. And grateful to spend time with them. So I am one of those SUPER lucky people who has gotten the chance to know these two amazing humans.

We crossed paths via my dear, sweet friend, Lisa, and met on a FaceTime chat. After that faithful day, I feel like I made a new friend. Danielle gushed about Jensen, and her face lit up when she said his name. Obviously I couldn’t wait to photograph their engagement session out in California!

It was one of the hottest days on record out in Malibu on the day we shot these gorgeous photos. You couldn’t tell by looking at them though. These two laughed, loved and made my job so incredibly easy. The shots on the beach with the rocks – you would have ZERO idea that we were surrounded by hundreds of people. It was as if no one else was there, just the two of them. Also, that handsome little dog there, is Brunch. You can follow him on Instagram as well 🙂 @brunchservedallday

Anywho, enough of my rambling. I hope you have fun taking a little peak into their engagement session!



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