August 1, 2016

Sarah & Kurt — Patapsco Valley Engagement


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Sometimes you meet a couple and the engagement shoot just flows flawlessly. That was 100% the case with Sarah and Kurt. We had to reschedule their engagement session FOUR TIMES due to the insane weather we’ve had since late spring so when we finally got a sunny outlook for their session, I was elated!

The shots we did together are hands down some of my favorite engagement session images I have ever created. Sarah was up for literally anything, which also made for some pretty fun images. I had never been to Patapsco State Park before and when we all met up, Sarah already had a few spots pinned out she wanted to shoot at. So we had a short hike to a beautiful waterfall. And of course my first thought was, Sarah you have a beautiful dress on and you just showed up to this shoot hair and makeup fresh… can we get in and have Kurt spin you around? How awesome is it that her response was OF COURSE! One of the best parts of that series of shots was that you wouldn’t be able to tell but I asked about 7 children who were playing in the waterfall if they would be ok with hopping out for a few minutes so I could capture these shots. The adorable little ones kindly lined up behind me on a fallen down tree and watched the shoot take place. It was truly a blast!

We then moved onto the couple’s house in Federal Hill and photographed all around their neighborhood, ending the day at the stunning Federal Hill Park. We lucked out and had a single sunny day out of a lineup of rainy ones and got one of those beautiful Baltimore skyline sunsets you hope for as a photographer.

I feel truly lucky and honored that Kurt and Sarah chose to work with me on their big day and I cannot wait for it. Hanging out with the pair was like hanging out with old friends. It truly doesn’t feel like work. It feels like I am running around doing what I love with a beautiful couple and having the amazing opportunity of telling a little tiny piece of their story. What could be better than that?

I hope enjoy looking through these as much as I loved taking them!



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