Audrey & Will — Indian River Life Saving Station

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Audrey & Will — Indian River Life Saving Station

I met Audrey and Will through a blog post that posted. The couple saw some work I did and once we chatted on the phone, it was inevitable we would work together! I know the two my type of couple when they opted for a snowy engagement shoot! The two even lounged around in a snow covered field!

Their day was full of love, laughter and emotion. The pair opted to do a first-look shot at the beach house they were getting ready at. The location of the wedding was the Indian River Life Saving Station. We got to do some amazing photos inside the actual museum part of the location. It was truly beautiful and almost haunting, in a good way.

The family was purely amazing as well. There were quite a few photographers in the family, including Audrey’s Dad Phil. We had a blast chatting about all things nerdy camera people talk about. I will also mention, Phil’s expression during the father daughter dance was enough to make any tough person shed a tear.

I couldn’t be more honored to have been a part of their special day.

The team that made this possible:

Location: Indian River Life-Saving Station
Flowers: Little Miss Lovely
Catering: Nage Rehoboth
Cake: Nage Rehoboth
Day of Coordinator: Kathy McDonald of Nage
Second Shooter: Mike Oswald


CB7A2808IMG_9164IMG_9082IMG_9304IMG_9070IMG_9021IMG_9024IMG_9030IMG_9121IMG_9147IMG_9128IMG_9237IMG_9535 IMG_9211CB7A2726 CB7A2665CB7A2754CB7A2958IMG_9284IMG_9261IMG_9521CB7A3007IMG_9416IMG_9464IMG_9455IMG_9476IMG_9494IMG_9554CB7A3083IMG_9572IMG_9586IMG_9611IMG_9607IMG_9770 IMG_9783IMG_9762IMG_0895 IMG_9751IMG_8998 CB7A3389IMG_9677 IMG_9669 Unedited_venuePanoramaIMG_9632IMG_9016 IMG_9012IMG_0057IMG_0153 IMG_0097IMG_0082IMG_0080IMG_0155CB7A3555CB7A3580IMG_0228IMG_0238CB7A3651IMG_0259IMG_0274IMG_0272IMG_0386 CB7A3899IMG_0495IMG_0484IMG_0460IMG_0354IMG_0340CB7A3889IMG_0702IMG_0367IMG_0716CB7A4077CB7A4078IMG_0714 IMG_0872IMG_0862IMG_0744IMG_0746IMG_1385IMG_1381IMG_1361IMG_1340 IMG_1325IMG_1307IMG_1295IMG_1283IMG_1335CB7A4490IMG_1258IMG_1154IMG_1106IMG_1275CB7A4391IMG_0067-X3CB7A4255-X3IMG_1051-X3IMG_1761IMG_1803IMG_1695IMG_1696 IMG_1692IMG_1752 IMG_1645 IMG_1612 IMG_1591 IMG_1544 CB7A4950IMG_1491 IMG_1488 IMG_1470

Mandy & Charlie — 1930’s Themed Wedding at Elk Manor Winery

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Mandy & Charlie — 1930’s Themed Wedding at Elk Manor Winery

This is a tough one to put a preface on. I met Charlie and Mandy at a bridal show at Elk Manor Winery in North East MD and within seconds of us meeting, I felt like I had known them for years. So needless to say I was so insanely excited when they called me and asked me to photograph their beautiful wedding. As the months passed and I found out the beautiful theme that they were planning, one couldn’t become more excited.

Mandy was a stunning rose gold bride, I have dubbed her, with the help of the most amazing hair and makeup artist I know, Caitlyn Meyer. She looked like something right out of a classic Hollywood Film. The opted to do a first look, a favorite of mine, and I tell you the sheer look of happiness in their eyes was enough to make anyone tear up.

I want to take a minute and give a quick shout out to the amazing people at Elk Manor Winery, they literally have the most beautiful set up for a wedding I have ever seen, which you will realize going through these photos. We had so many beautiful locations to shoot portraits, from a beautiful wheat filled field, to a reflection pool and a bluff over looking the Bohemia River, it’s not a place to disappoint.

Back to the wedding… this was such a cool set up. They had TWO cocktail hours, one before the reception with hors d’oeuvres and lawn games with an unbelievably talented live music by the Riverside Carnival Band. I couldn’t have been more excited to get to know this couple, learn their story and have the honor to be able capture their day.

I reached out to Mandy for a little feedback about her big day and this is what she said:

“With very little stress and much anticipation, our wedding day was finally here!  The day was a whirlwind of excitement and merriment, and as each new friend, family member, and vendor arrived, each tiny piece of the puzzle, that we had been carefully been collaborating on for over a year, began to seamlessly fit together, and watching our dream unfold in its upmost glory, was absolutely magical.  With hair and makeup just polished, I ascended the stairs for the moment all the girls had been waiting for…the unveiling of the wedding gown.  I had the most picturesque view, as I stood in front of the window, overlooking the Manor House lawn, while my sister and niece joined in to assist me.  I felt like a movie star, all glammed up, and the clicks of the cameras resounded in an orchestra of bridal fanfare.  Down below, the band began playing, guests were arriving, mingling and playing charming lawn games, while decadent hors d’oeuvres and refreshing summer libations were presented in high fashion – and in that very moment, I could see every thought, every detail, every dollar spent had lead us all here.  In the grand splendor of this rapturous occasion of supreme perfection, I realized…the best was still yet to come…the moment I was waiting for…was waiting for me…the first sight of my future…my love…my groom.”

Hair and Makeup: Caitlyn Meyer
Location: Elk Manor Winery
Flowers: Gamble’s Florist
Cake: Bing’s Bakery
Catering: Rouge Fine Catering

IMG_7094-X3IMG_6919-X3CB7A0855-X3IMG_6963-X3IMG_7047-X3 CB7A0865-X3 IMG_6910-X3 IMG_6891-X3 IMG_6937-X3   IMG_7017-X3 IMG_7021-X3IMG_6984-X3  CB7A0888-X3IMG_7191-X3IMG_7040-X3IMG_7234-X3IMG_7117-X3 IMG_7121-X3IMG_7133-X3 IMG_7253-X3IMG_7257-X3IMG_7265-X3IMG_7259-X3IMG_7268-X3               IMG_7296-X3IMG_7365-X3IMG_7367-X3 IMG_7342-X3IMG_7429-X3   IMG_7389-X3IMG_7490-X3  IMG_7466-X3   IMG_7504-X3 IMG_7511-X3 IMG_7519-X3 IMG_7523-X3 IMG_7527-X3 IMG_7532-X3IMG_7092-X3IMG_7090-X3CB7A1171-X3IMG_7562-X3IMG_7141-X3IMG_7499-X3  IMG_7565-X3 IMG_7575-X3 IMG_7597-X3 IMG_7618-X3 IMG_7643-X3 IMG_7663-X3 IMG_7719-X3 IMG_7852-X3IMG_7891-X3 IMG_7878-X3  IMG_7984-X3  IMG_8231-X3 IMG_8239-X3 IMG_8316-X3 IMG_8381-X3 IMG_8400-X3 IMG_8477-X3 IMG_8502-X3 IMG_8525-X3 IMG_8558-X3 IMG_8644-X3 IMG_8667-X3 IMG_8740-X3

John and Eric’s Modern Art Museum Wedding — Baltimore

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This couple here, they are what wedding photographers dreams are made of. John and Eric were referred my way via a photographer friend of mine, Stacey of Atomic Cheesecake Studios. We chatted briefly and with a fast approaching wedding, we decided quickly that we all wanted to work together. Eric and John met the old fashioned way, online, and the pair quickly moved in together and have traveled the world. I instantly fell head over heels for them as a couple and as people.

John and Eric are the type of people you instantly feel comfortable around and it was like I was hanging out with old friends on their wedding day. We luckily had full run of Gertrude’s, which is located at the Baltimore Museum of Art. The set up on the inside of that garden is unbelievable. The pair opted to do all photographs before the ceremony, which took pressure off after so the two could go mingle with their guests. Their first song was an acoustic version of the “Friends” theme song. Since the pair travel quite frequently, they had three different food stations set up with dishes inspired by their favorite places. They also had a gorgeous brownie bar for the dessert portion of the night.

I truly cannot say enough about these two. Their love for each other, the happy tears, the amazing family bonds that covered the wedding, it was one I will cherish throughout my entire career as a photographer.

I truly adore Eric and John and I look forward to being able to watch their lives grow together.

Now onto the good stuff… the photos!


Second Shooter: Mike Oswald
Location: Gertrudes

IMG_2356 IMG_2256 IMG_2278IMG_2248IMG_2320IMG_2800IMG_2296IMG_2306IMG_2314 copyIMG_2336IMG_2334IMG_2341IMG_2350IMG_2404IMG_2496IMG_2530IMG_2811IMG_2507IMG_2565IMG_2570IMG_2919IMG_2870IMG_2935IMG_2432IMG_2450 IMG_2460IMG_2562IMG_2662IMG_2725GUDFG_cG8k0Rt3Z5yWdxYCaIcRDCvlqdSyu2g4NPDC5LC_Ub89t7cf2xKeZFznU2U_gZOg=w2362-h798IMG_3013 2urnGbrr97gsopXXyqw8TyhotnYr-EFTe3HFJQUUfefcAn3g640PM3B270DPJFG3jF0ARg=w2362-h798BOB-logoIMG_3115IMG_3169IMG_3145  IMG_3180-X3  IMG_32692k7Bjn1LLWk8pBVRpInaKr_ndvC5KkTt8ihLfrkBaRtCQwr_xflCR4OiQcB5dkI20pgKgg=w2362-h798 IMG_3327 IMG_3339 IMG_3388 IMG_3440 IMG_3442 IMG_3444  IMG_3508 IMG_3515 IMG_3518 IMG_3540 IMG_3566 IMG_3642BcDtt9OIv4E_hozn4pcOtIYSFqLTCf45PR-7NXTxNsSF1C1vx1xxkw0zCRW7DT-b5wWM0g=w2362-h798 IMG_3829 IMG_3833 IMG_3896 IMG_3968IMG_3996 IMG_3998 IMG_4014

Sarah & Andrew — Water Front Engagement

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Sara and Andrew’s engagement shoot… where do I even begin? This is one of those shoots where you have the most difficult time narrowing down images.

Sarah and Andrew are one of the cutest couples of all time. The way they look at each other how it’s like no one else exists, the way he leaned in to give her a kiss on command with no awkwardness shown and the smiles on their faces are enough to give any cynic the romantic feels.

We all decided to meet up at the boardwalk and Havre de Grace and just go with it. There wasn’t over planning, there wasn’t strict guidelines to the shoot, we literally just went and hung out. And the results are some of my favorite engagement shoots to date. I adore the pair and everything about them. I am so proud to be a part of their big day in May of 2016!

Here are some of the top images from the day!



IMG_8398 IMG_8406 IMG_8414 IMG_8424 IMG_8430 IMG_8433 IMG_8448 IMG_8454 IMG_8459 IMG_8460 IMG_8461 IMG_8467 IMG_8470 IMG_8473 IMG_8502 IMG_8519 IMG_8527 IMG_8530 IMG_8536IMG_8547 IMG_8540  IMG_8552 IMG_8555 IMG_8556 IMG_8572 IMG_8575 IMG_8578 IMG_8583 IMG_8597 IMG_8598 IMG_8608 IMG_8622 IMG_8630 IMG_8632 IMG_8640 IMG_8641 IMG_8653 IMG_8658 IMG_8676 IMG_8692 IMG_8702 IMG_8703 IMG_8705 IMG_8712 IMG_8737  IMG_8794 IMG_8797 IMG_8800 IMG_8801IMG_8768

Mommy & Me Shoot

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A large majority of my client base are people I have known for ages and referrals from those clients. This one was no exception. I had clients sign up for this that I have known since I first picked up a camera, to a few brand new clients. The Mommy & Me shoot was very special because I have yet to do a shoot where it was just a Mom and her child/children.

Only in the past two years have I truly understood what it means to be in a Mom role. I have a step daughter and up until the point where she came into my life, I will honestly say, I didn’t think being a Mom looked “too hard.” I thought getting out there, going to work and taking life by the horns was much more difficult. Well little did I know an adorable little 3-year old would change my thoughts completely. You have to take yourself out of that number 1 position and make sure that little person is taken care of first. I could ramble on about all I have learned, but I will say I tip my hat to all of you Mom’s out there. It’s the toughest job around and I stand up an applaud you.

As you can see from the images below, each of my Mom’s had a different and unique style to their shoot. It’s whats made them all special :)

Happy (Belated) Mothers Day!



IMG_0001-X3IMG_9997-X3IMG_9889-X3IMG_9890-X3IMG_9975-X3 IMG_0071-X3 IMG_0117-X3 IMG_0153-X3 IMG_0165-X3 IMG_0174-X3 IMG_0210-X3 IMG_0232-X3 IMG_0247-X3 IMG_0380-X3 IMG_0448-X3 IMG_0546-X3 IMG_0656-X3 IMG_0660-X3 IMG_0697-X3 IMG_0790-X3 IMG_1025-X3 IMG_1112-X3 IMG_1115-X3 IMG_1125-X3 IMG_1132-X3 IMG_1134-X3 IMG_1159-X3 IMG_1251-X3 IMG_1318-X3 IMG_1326-X3 IMG_1383-X3 IMG_1451-X3 IMG_1552-X3 IMG_1557-X3 IMG_8934-X3 IMG_8939-X3 IMG_8948-X3 IMG_8966-X3 IMG_8971-X3 IMG_9087-X3 IMG_9181-X3 IMG_9221-X3 IMG_9247-X3 IMG_9454-X3 IMG_9473-X3 IMG_9533-X3 IMG_9566-X3 IMG_9812-X3 IMG_9815-X3 IMG_9824-X3 IMG_9866-X3

Ursula & Josh — Dinosaurs, Books, Asparagus and Šakotis in a GORGEOUS B & B wedding!

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I recently had the pleasure of photographing a wedding of a wonderful lady I have known for quite some time. Ursula and I met several years ago through a mutual friend and she contacted me earlier this year about photographing her big day! Once we talked on the phone, we both realized it would be a perfect fit!

After I got involved and realized how much planning the families put into their wedding, I was instantly smitten with all the little details. The pair had thought out every last little piece. Down to the asparagus boutineer… yes, I said ASPARAGUS! It was gorgeous. There was origami died book paper adorning little details throughout the wedding, silver coated dinosaurs were scattered throughout the entire day, books upon books marked where people sat and decor, one of the most creative guest books I have ever seen was also set up at the wedding. One also extremely unique aspect this gorgeous wedding was a Lithuanian Šakotis cake. The family had it flown all the way in from Chicago.

Ursula and Josh are truly a match made for each other. The two could not stop smiling when they were around the other and their personalities went hand in hand. Everything about this wedding just put a huge smile on my face. The groom and groomsman walked down the isle to the Indiana Jones theme song, the bride walked down to the Game of Thrones theme song and once the two became one, they danced back down the isle to “Everything is Awesome” from the Lego Movie. I couldn’t be more happy to have been able to be a part of their story.

Without further introduction… enjoy the beautiful photos that are Ursula and Josh’s BIG DAY!



_MG_4797IMG_5295 IMG_5175 IMG_5179 IMG_5213 IMG_5226IMG_5298 IMG_5323 IMG_5332 IMG_5349 IMG_5392 IMG_5426 IMG_549511154696_913584828663250_6606167546921331391_oIMG_5696 IMG_5785 IMG_5869 IMG_5919 IMG_5920 IMG_5938 IMG_5995 IMG_6012 IMG_6207 IMG_6269 IMG_6280 IMG_6339 IMG_6344 IMG_6352 IMG_6354 IMG_6355 IMG_6357 IMG_6368 IMG_6378 IMG_6383 IMG_6389 IMG_6395 IMG_6399 IMG_6406 IMG_6414 IMG_6423 IMG_6430 IMG_6436-X3 IMG_6436IMG_5589IMG_5243IMG_5582IMG_5498IMG_5274IMG_5261IMG_5249IMG_5503IMG_5608IMG_5606IMG_6779   IMG_6519 IMG_6506 IMG_6504 IMG_6500 IMG_6486IMG_6791IMG_6841
The Team That Made It All Happen:

Photography: B.O.B Photography
Second Shooter: Vanessa Funk
Wedding Coordinator: Studio DBI
Venue: Stone Manor Vineyard and Orchard
Reception Music and Photo Booth: YanzEvents
Officiant: Cameron McNary
Caterer and Cake: Purple Onion

Stephanie and Mike — Cape May Engagement Session

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A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing a Stephanie and Mike’s engagement session in Cape May, NJ!

It was quite a chilly day but we took the trolly around for a mini tour of the area and then followed up with a stop into their favorite little spot, Ugly Mugs. By the time we were done, we realized that there was a sudden snow storm and we high tailed it over to the beach to be able to capture some of my favorite engagement images to date!

I adore these two and am so thrilled to be able to be apart of their big day in October!

Congrats Steph & Mike!

IMG_3971 IMG_3975 IMG_4007 IMG_4008 IMG_4013 IMG_4056 IMG_4060 IMG_4080 IMG_4087 IMG_4098 IMG_4107 IMG_4108 IMG_4135 IMG_4141 IMG_4142 IMG_4143 IMG_4152 IMG_4156 IMG_4164 IMG_4175 IMG_4176 IMG_4192 IMG_4193 IMG_4200 IMG_4207 IMG_4214 IMG_4223 IMG_4225 IMG_4229 IMG_4236 IMG_4244 IMG_4246 IMG_4251 IMG_4290 IMG_4301 IMG_4322 IMG_4330 IMG_4338  IMG_4347  IMG_4374 IMG_4378 IMG_4387 IMG_4404

Little Goodall Photo Shoot

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I recently had the privileged of meeting a wonderfully talented lady named Molly Goodall at the American Made Trade Show in Washington DC in January. I was drawn to her booth because she had gorgeous photography showcasing the amazing clothing she designs and creates for little kids.

We got to talking and decided I would photograph a new item she has yet to have photographed. So after a few email exchanges the jacket reached my hands, all the way from Texas.

I then called on two friends to allow me the pleasure of photographing their adorable kids in the pink dinosaur jacket! Thank you Lydia and Ruth for being such fun little ones to photograph!

Here are some ofm y favorites from the photo shoot!



IMG_3805IMG_3815IMG_3850IMG_3826 IMG_3851 IMG_3880 IMG_3898 IMG_3902 IMG_3920 IMG_2800IMG_2832 IMG_2806 IMG_2828 IMG_2849 IMG_2853 IMG_2862

Audrey & Will — Winter Engagement Session

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After a little down time I am back in full swing and headed into Spring Wedding and Engagement Session Season. Since today marks the first day of spring and the snow is falling, I figured what a better blog than my first engagement session of the year.

Audrey and Will opted to do a snowy engagement shoot, since their wedding will be held at the beach. So why not mix it up and give both sets of photos a completely different feel. Audrey and Will drove down to my studio in Chesapeake City, MD and we went straight to work on the shoot! The two were so much fun and up for literally anything, even rolling around in the snow!

Audrey had this wonderful smile that just being around her, put a smile on yours face. I cannot wait to be there and be able to capture their big day in May!

Now onto the photos!



IMG_2159-X3 IMG_2162-X3 IMG_2194-X3IMG_2281-X3 IMG_2204-X3 IMG_2233-X3 IMG_2277-X3 IMG_2351-X3 IMG_2397-X3 IMG_2412-X3 IMG_2455-X3 IMG_2460-X3 IMG_2478-X3 IMG_2492-X3 IMG_2520-X3 IMG_2531-X3 IMG_2560-X3 IMG_2592-X3 IMG_2614-X3 IMG_2618-X3 IMG_2622-X3 IMG_2685-X3 IMG_2712-X3 IMG_2713-X3 IMG_2718-X3 IMG_2731-X3 IMG_2735-X3

Charlie & Melody — Maternity Session

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A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing Charlie & Melody’s maternity session. Charlie has grown up with my fiancé and it was an honor to be able to work with the pair. The love these two have for each other is so sweet and kept a huge smile on my face the entire time.

I feel truly honored to be able to capture this special moment in their story. I cannot wait to meet the little Mr.



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