Alex & Ryan — Ladew Gardens — Monkton, Maryland Wedding

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Alex & Ryan’s big day was truly beautiful. The pair had dated during their high school years and took time apart, only to realize as they got older, that they were perfect for one another. Alex is one of the sweetest people I have ever had the privilege to meet. Ryan is a total goof ball who is equally as sweet.

Their wedding was held at the beautiful Ladew Gardens in Monkton, MD. If you have never had the pleasure of attending the gardens, I highly suggest you go! It reminds me of something straight out of a Tim Burton movie set. The different gardens transform you into a different location as you enter each of them. The pair decided to opt for a first-look, always a photographers favorite. Ryan was so sweet and was fighting back tears through it. We also decided to do a first-look with her Dad, and let me say it was worth it!

The pair were made for each other and I am so honored to have been a part of their big day!

Congratulations Alex & Ryan!



Venue: Ladew Topiary Gardens
Flowers: Blue Sage Floral Designs
Cake: Cunningham’s Cafe & Bakery by Angie Law
Hair and Makeup: Melissa Perez
Cake Toppers: Ready Go Wedding Co.
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Matt & Danielle — Gramercy Mansion Wedding

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I met Matt & Danielle through Chef’s Expressions, the most talented and get it done Event Planning/Catering company around, in my opinion. Bonny, who is truly an unbelievable planner, put us in touch. After meeting Danielle, a high school art teacher, we knew it was a perfect match. We just clicked from the get go. I spent several months getting to know the pair over dinner’s, emails and phone calls. I truly loved how, at the end of the day, the pair were best friends. They did things together, went on dates and adventures. The best part of it all, they pair initially met in college over a shared love of World of Warcraft. This is when I knew it was going to be one of the most fun weddings ever.

The pair married at Gramercy Mansion and if you haven’t heard of it, you are missing out. This place looks like something straight out of Aesop’s Fables. The interior is breath taking, full of beautiful antiques and knic-knack’s that you could spend days looking at. Don’t even get me started on the gardens at Gramercy, I wish I had hours to spend just taking photos in them. The wedding was run by Chef’s Expression and it went off without a hitch.

If I could sum up Matt and Danielle’s wedding in just a few words, I would have to say I have never been to a wedding more perfectly fitting to a bride and groom’s style. It was laid back, fun, romantic and sprinkled with little pieces of their personality. Down to their World of Warcraft figures displayed beside their cake, System of a Down being played two separate times during the dancing hour, in which the entire party took to the dance floor and the final epic was the bride stage diving off the speakers at the end of the night.

The team that made it all possible:

Event Coordination and Catering: Chef’s Expressions
Hair and Makeup: Caitlyn Meyer
Location: Gramercy Mansion
DJ: AJ Productions

IMG_8974-X3IMG_8972-X3 IMG_8979-X3

Tania & Sean — Key West Wedding

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There is no better way to sum up Sean and Tania’s wedding other than pure love. Love for each other and love for family.

To give you a little back story, I have known Tania since I was in sixth grade. We grew up in this TINY little town in Western MD, where most people grow up and stay. There were a handful of people from my graduating class that got out and went to pursue a life outside of that little quaint town. Many years later, after I became a full time wedding photographer and Tania became a nurse living in Key West, not to shabby if you ask me! She had gotten engaged to the love of her life, Sean. She reached out to me, knowing I do a lot of travel for my job and we both thought it was a good fit, I just had to meet her soon-to-be-hubby via a FaceTime date! They had met with several local photographers and after our meeting, they decided I was the best choice, and I couldn’t have been more excited!

So not only did I get to photograph a wedding in one of the most beautiful settings you could image, I got to reconnect with a friend who knew me before I knew who I was. And the kicker, I knew Tania’s whole family! The town we grew up in was super tiny, so you pretty much just knew everyone and their family. So boarding the flight to FL was amazing and I was so excited I could barely wait to get off the plane.

Fast forward to the actual wedding day. It was stunning. There was so much color in the bouquets and the accents of the wedding, it was enough to make your eyes jump for joy! Both of their families and friends flew in from all over to be there. Tania has one of the most infectious smiles and laughs I have ever seen/heard. It’s been that way since sixth grade. It was such an honor to be there and be a part of their day.

And a fun little closing comment: Tania and Sean recently announced they will be expecting their first child in February of 2016! Congrats love birds! I couldn’t be more excited for you!


The Vendors:
Wedding Planner: Just Save the Date
Venue: Hyatt Key West Resort and Spa
Florist: Love In Bloom
Hair and Makeup: Bella Luxe
Officiant: Keys Breeze Wedding & Events

GC8A9616-X3GC8A9620-X3GC8A9657-X3GC8A9654-X3GC8A9644-X3GC8A9627-X3-1GC8A9712-X3GC8A9728-X3GC8A9683-X3GC8A9693-X3GC8A9775-X3GC8A9668-X3GC8A9800-X3GC8A9825-X3GC8A9853-X3GC8A9851-X3GC8A9894-X3GC8A9855-X3GC8A0007-X3GC8A9743-X3 GC8A0017-X3 GC8A0028-X3GC8A0158-X3 GC8A0163-X3 GC8A0180-X3 GC8A0185-X3 GC8A0198-X3IMG_7328-X3GC8A0208-X3IMG_7337-X3 IMG_7474-X3GC8A7513-X3 IMG_7527-X3GC8A7541-X3 GC8A7562-X3 GC8A7569-X3 GC8A7602-X3 GC8A7605-X3 GC8A7710-X3 GC8A7714-X3  GC8A7741-X3 GC8A7760-X3  GC8A7786-X3 GC8A7804-X3 GC8A7830-X3 GC8A7844-X3 GC8A7862-X3 GC8A0128-X3GC8A0147-X3 GC8A0134-X3GC8A7921-X3GC8A7979-X3 GC8A8017-X3 GC8A8023-X3 GC8A8038-X3  GC8A8048-X3 GC8A8063-X3 GC8A8168-X3  GC8A8299-X3 GC8A8437-X3 GC8A8475-X3 GC8A8493-X3 GC8A8513-X3 GC8A8672-X3 GC8A8689-X3

Jon & Beth — Hunt Valley Golf Club — Baltimore Wedding

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Jon and Beth’s wedding was truly a beautiful day. We originally met through Jon’s little sister, Sarah. After a few email exchanges and a meeting at my old location in Canton, we decided that it was a perfect fit! Soon after we shot some sunrise photos at Oregon Ridge State Park.

It was at this session I learned about the pair’s love for wine and Jon’s hilarious sense of humor. The two have such a fun loving relationship. Beth has such an amazing personality. You instantly feel comfortable around her, which made the photo process so easy.

The wedding day was beautiful and filled with love. A lot of the little details of the big day were filled with the pairs mutual love of wine. Down to the accents of burgundy, center pieces and the guest book. They had filled a glass container filled with wine corks that guests would sign and leave a few words of advice, then place in a beautifully hand crafted wooden box.

Jon and Beth also had one of the most moving first-look shots ever, the look on Beth’s face and the embrace that followed after the look… if it doesn’t give you the feels you should really check your pulse.

Advice from the bride:

“As for advice for brides my advice would be to have flexibility and not get too caught up on fine details.  Wedding planning is stressful enough so being flexible with vendors and details allows you to focus on the most important part of a wedding, which is marrying the perfect partner and celebrating the love between you.”

Without further ado… the beautiful wedding of the Claus’s!

The Vendors:

Caterer and Venue: Hunt Valley Golf Club
Photography: B.O.B. Photography
Florist: Edge Florists
Cake: Sugar Bakers
DJ: AJ Productions
Officient: Rev. Kiana Hebron , Ceremony Officiants

IMG_2685-X3IMG_2593-X3IMG_2589-X3IMG_2576-X3IMG_2671-X3IMG_2629-X3CB7A5754-X3CB7A5771-X3CB7A5837-X3 IMG_2640-X3IMG_2703-X3IMG_2712-X3 IMG_2724-X3IMG_2791-X3IMG_2749-X3IMG_2755-X3IMG_2752-X3IMG_2804-X3 CB7A5864-X3CB7A5926-X3CB7A5904-X3IMG_3945-X3Untitled_Panorama2-X3CB7A5943-X3IMG_2896-X3IMG_2912-X3IMG_2915-X3CB7A6039-X3IMG_2919-X3IMG_2926-X3CB7A6043-X3IMG_2928-X3IMG_2929-X3IMG_2935-X3IMG_2986-X3IMG_3037-X3IMG_3239-X3IMG_3292-X3IMG_3296-X3IMG_3281-X3CB7A6358-X3IMG_3379-X3IMG_3334-X3CB7A6361-X3IMG_3349-X3CB7A6291-X3IMG_3522-X3IMG_3095-X3IMG_3668-X3IMG_3077-X3IMG_3694-X3IMG_3753-X3IMG_2879-X3IMG_3726-X3IMG_3752-X3IMG_2880-X3IMG_2873-X3IMG_2863-X3IMG_3930-X3CB7A6673-X3 CB7A6719-X3 IMG_4152-X3 IMG_4141-X3 IMG_4131-X3 IMG_4004-X3 IMG_4291-X3CB7A7151-X3 CB7A6961-X3              IMG_4313-X3IMG_4304-X3CB7A7209-X3

Tusha Family — Elk Manor Winery — Cecil County Family Photo Shoot

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Where do I even begin with this bunch. The Tusha’s were one of the first people I ever met after moving to Cecil County from Nashville. I met Gretchen at a bridal show at the families awesome wedding venue, The Winery at Elk Manor. I can honestly say once I met her, I knew we were going to be friends. Ever since I have gotten to know her entire family and I am lucky enough to call the Tusha bunch my friends.

Elk Manor is hands down one of my favorite places to shoot. There are beautiful rolling hills, old barns, big open fields, willow trees, pools, fountains, beaches, vineyards and over looks of the Chesapeake. Anything you could ever want is located all in one place. So needless to say we did our best to capture as much of the property as we could.

We have been chatting about doing a fun family photo shoot and we decided what better place than Elk Manor. We met up earlier this week and just had fun and ran around the property in the heat, you couldn’t tell by how awesome the photos turned out! The group shares a beautiful relationship that made taking photos so much fun and easy.

I couldn’t be happier with the images we created. I think it conveys the love they share for each other and goofy personalities of the family.

Thank you Simon, Gretchen,  Jade and Charleigh for being so much fun!

Without further ado… my adorable Tusha crew <3



IMG_8984IMG_8985IMG_9597 IMG_9576 IMG_9571 IMG_9558 IMG_9553 IMG_9507 IMG_9541 IMG_9532IMG_9530IMG_9545 IMG_9480IMG_9504 IMG_9491    IMG_9450 IMG_9414 IMG_9407 IMG_9387 IMG_9381 IMG_9375 IMG_9370 IMG_9352 IMG_9337 IMG_9325  IMG_9307 IMG_9292 IMG_9283 IMG_9269 IMG_9247 IMG_9242 IMG_9239 IMG_9226 IMG_9221 IMG_9207  IMG_9193 IMG_9191 IMG_9186 IMG_9179IMG_9167 IMG_9159 IMG_9137 IMG_9136 IMG_9122 IMG_9118 IMG_9112 IMG_9108 IMG_9091 IMG_9067 IMG_9060 IMG_9053 IMG_9034 IMG_9033 IMG_9032 IMG_9019 IMG_9007 IMG_9004 IMG_9000

Shana & Erik — The Elkridge Furnace Inn Baltimore Wedding

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This wedding is one near and dear to my heart. I have known Erik, the groom, since he became roommates with my little brother in college. I have seen him grow into an incredible man and now a loving husband. I remember when I first met Shana and how happy I was that Erik finally met such a lovely caring person. She made his face light up, something I had never seen before. So when the pair contacted me about their wedding, of course I was honored and jumped on board!

The day was so beautiful and full of love. Despite the down pouring weather we received that day, Shana and Erik kept a big old smile on their face and realized what the day was actually about, marrying your soul mate. So after two rain delays, the two decided to move their ceremony into the tent location. All the vendors banded together to make it seamless and it was beautiful. So many smiles and the rain even gave us a beautiful back drop for the ceremony.

In a twist of events, I have decided to begin involving my lovely brides and asking them how they went about planning their big day. So here are a few words from the stunning bride herself, Shana:

“Planning our wedding was an exciting whirlwind of adventure and we had fun doing it! I had no idea how much impact our choice in vendors would go into how special our big day turned out to be. Luckily we made some amazing choices, and I think you know when you meet your vendors which ones are right for you. I got to see firsthand just how awesome and influential our vendors were in holding the show together and making everything happen, despite a little rain 😉

We were really lucky to be able to choose a few vendors that meant something to us. Our officiant was a long time neighbor and family friend of my in-laws. Our ceremony musicians were my sister in law and her husband and our photographer was our groomsmen’s sister.  Being able to add such a personal note to so many aspects of our wedding already felt really special for us.

Right away I knew we would choose Jillian with Bombs Over Betty Photography to take our pictures, crossing my fingers that she was available. Jill is the big sister of my husband Erik’s good friend, college roommate and groomsmen and although I had never met her I knew I would love her just as much as he did. I had been following her journey from California to Nashville and was in awe of the people she met and pictures she took. I knew she would be the one to capture us and our love on our wedding day.

I feel like one of the first things you think about and look at when wedding planning is location. We looked at quite a few but once we found The Elkridge Furnace Inn we knew that was where it was going to be. A beautiful outdoor garden venue less than ten minutes from our house, and it was perfect for us. Our guests are still talking about how great the food was, a definite bonus!

We met with about three dj’s before settling with EventPro and Jordan. Either they just didn’t get us and we weren’t feeling the vibe or the price was way off. Then we met Jordan and from the second we stepped into the initial meeting I think we both knew he was it. He has an energy we knew we wanted all our guests to feel at our wedding.

The florist was another easy decision to make. After doing some research into local florists I found Willow Oak Flower and Herb Farm not too far from our house.  Erik and I went on the initial visit to take a look and absolutely fell in love with the place. They are a local organic and environmental friendly green farm and grow most of their own flowers, check one. They have they friendliest dogs on the premises, check two. And Heather was an absolute dream to work with, check three.

Choosing who was going to do my hair and makeup was another easy task. I had been seeing Jenn for highlights and cuts since 2013, just after getting engaged and luckily I did because she does hair and makeup for weddings on the side. Leaving my trial with Jenn I felt beautiful and knew I could count on her to make not only me but my girls feel beautiful for my special day.

Our big day arrives and it is perfect! Not only because I got to marry my best friend but because I got to see all of our vendors, friends and family come together to make our wedding happen despite the weather. We had planned for a beautiful outdoor ceremony. However just before 6pm the rain began. We went through two rain delays, setting up and bringing everything back down until it was finally switched into the tent. Our guests were happily serenaded by our cocktail musicians (now pre-cocktail, lol) and enjoying drinks at the bar. I’m not sure whose decision it was to do the ceremony in front of the open flaps in the tent showcasing the beautiful gardens and with the help of our flowers, bringing the outdoors in, but I thank them wholeheartedly. Two things I noticed as soon as I walked into the tent, one, Erik, I FINALLY got to see the man I am marrying I had been waiting all day for that moment, and two, I saw how gorgeous it looked, with all the green and the beautiful lanterns lighting the way I knew it was the wedding I was meant to have! Tad and his team at The Elkridge Furnace Inn along with the rest of our crew really pulled it together to make our wedding an extra special one. Everyone took part in being a leader and making everything happen regardless of the rain and I cannot thank them enough. I have wonderful memories and amazing photos from the most special day of my life and I will cherish that forever!”

The team that made it all possible:

Location: The Elkridge Furnace Inn
Food: The Elkridge Furnace Inn
Flowers: Willow Oak Flower & Herb Farm
DJ: EventPro




Styled Shoot at Elk Manor Winery

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This shoot was a group collaboration with a bunch of incredibly talented people. I am honestly so happy with the results. We worked together to create a fall themed look and a sprig theme.

There are so many lovely images I had a hard time narrowing these down. This has definitely gone down in my book as one of my favorite shoots. Travis and Molly had a wonderful on camera chemistry that clearly showed. We laughed and rushed around the Winery in an effort to capture all this beautiful location has to offer.

The Amazing Team:

Models: Travis Marley and Molly Wilkerson
Location: Elk Manor Winery
Hair and Makeup: Caitlyn Meyer
Styling: Lisa Ruocco with Union3 Events
Dresses, Veils and Hair Clips: Jill Andrews Gowns
Suit, Socks and Shoes: Christopher Schafer Clothier
Flowers and Arrangements: Amanda’s Florist
Assistant: Mike Oswald



IMG_1642-X3 IMG_1646-X3 IMG_1651-X3 IMG_1663-X3IMG_1681-X3 IMG_1685-X3 IMG_1694-X3 IMG_1700-X3IMG_1656-X3 IMG_1717-X3 IMG_1727-X3 IMG_1743-X3IMG_1824-X3 IMG_1794-X3  IMG_1827-X3 IMG_1855-X3IMG_1894-X3 IMG_1868-X3 IMG_1887-X3 IMG_1893-X3  IMG_1909-X3 IMG_1966-X3 IMG_1926-X3   IMG_1977-X3IMG_1933-X3 IMG_2016-X3IMG_1925-X3 IMG_2031-X3 IMG_2049-X3IMG_2080-X3 IMG_2076-X3IMG_2142-X3  IMG_2086-X3 IMG_2091-X3IMG_2144-X3 IMG_2104-X3IMG_2143-X3 IMG_2181-X3 IMG_2200-X3 IMG_2211-X3 IMG_2230-X3

Catherine & Omar — Elk Manor Winery

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This adorable couple literally made my job so easy. Catherine and Omar were completely comfortable behind the camera. We all decided to meet up at the same location they will be getting married at in September, Elk Manor Winery. We had a beautiful over cast day running around the sprawling water front hills at the winery.

The way Omar an Catherine look at each other is like you are watching a scene out of an old movie. The pair have been together for 10-years and decided last last year to make it official. I was honored when I started speaking with Catherine about photographing her big day.

Here are some of my favorite shots from their engagement session! Cannot wait to capture their big day in September!



IMG_5152 IMG_5172 IMG_5178 IMG_5220 IMG_5223 IMG_5224 IMG_5230 IMG_5263 IMG_5280 IMG_5283 IMG_5294 IMG_5302 IMG_5314 IMG_5327IMG_5350 IMG_5344  IMG_5363 IMG_5368 IMG_5375 IMG_5376 IMG_5384 IMG_5388 IMG_5390 IMG_5395 IMG_5403 IMG_5412 IMG_5421 IMG_5428 IMG_5438 IMG_5457 IMG_5463 IMG_5480 IMG_5484 IMG_5562 IMG_5570 IMG_5573 IMG_5586 IMG_5591 IMG_5593  IMG_5609 IMG_5618 IMG_5622 IMG_5623 IMG_5624 IMG_5630 IMG_5639 IMG_5642  IMG_5676 IMG_5684 IMG_5708 IMG_5721 IMG_5726 IMG_5753 IMG_5756 IMG_5760 IMG_5771 IMG_5773

Nicole and Scott Maternity/Family Photo Shoot — Elk Manor Winery

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When Nicole contacted me about photographing a maternity session I was extremely excited. We decided that we would combine the session and do a family photo shoot and mix it with a maternity session. It was important to include their adorable son, Owen, in the session, so they could look back and have portraits of the just before Jada makes her appearance.

We had such a wonderful time! Owen was an adorable ball of energy that was keeping me on my toes. My good friends Gretchen and Simon, allowed us to photograph the session at their beautiful vineyard, The Winery at Elk Manor, which houses the most gorgeous locations around.

Without further ado… Meet Scott, Nicole, Owen and Jada!



IMG_4615 IMG_4624 IMG_4633 IMG_4657IMG_4662IMG_4696IMG_4699IMG_4702IMG_4711IMG_4714IMG_4724IMG_4723IMG_4752IMG_4771IMG_4801IMG_4787IMG_4810IMG_4833 IMG_4844IMG_4850IMG_4856IMG_4868IMG_4871IMG_4878IMG_4882IMG_4894IMG_4919 IMG_4923 IMG_4928IMG_4984IMG_4993IMG_4996IMG_5016IMG_5017IMG_5059IMG_5099IMG_5104

Audrey & Will — Indian River Life Saving Station

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Audrey & Will — Indian River Life Saving Station

I met Audrey and Will through a blog post that posted. The couple saw some work I did and once we chatted on the phone, it was inevitable we would work together! I know the two my type of couple when they opted for a snowy engagement shoot! The two even lounged around in a snow covered field!

Their day was full of love, laughter and emotion. The pair opted to do a first-look shot at the beach house they were getting ready at. The location of the wedding was the Indian River Life Saving Station. We got to do some amazing photos inside the actual museum part of the location. It was truly beautiful and almost haunting, in a good way.

The family was purely amazing as well. There were quite a few photographers in the family, including Audrey’s Dad Phil. We had a blast chatting about all things nerdy camera people talk about. I will also mention, Phil’s expression during the father daughter dance was enough to make any tough person shed a tear.

I couldn’t be more honored to have been a part of their special day.

The team that made this possible:

Location: Indian River Life-Saving Station
Flowers: Little Miss Lovely
Catering: Nage Rehoboth
Cake: Nage Rehoboth
Day of Coordinator: Kathy McDonald of Nage
Second Shooter: Mike Oswald


CB7A2808IMG_9164IMG_9082IMG_9304IMG_9070IMG_9021IMG_9024IMG_9030IMG_9121IMG_9147IMG_9128IMG_9237IMG_9535 IMG_9211CB7A2726 CB7A2665CB7A2754CB7A2958IMG_9284IMG_9261IMG_9521CB7A3007IMG_9416IMG_9464IMG_9455IMG_9476IMG_9494IMG_9554CB7A3083IMG_9572IMG_9586IMG_9611IMG_9607IMG_9770 IMG_9783IMG_9762IMG_0895 IMG_9751IMG_8998 CB7A3389IMG_9677 IMG_9669 Unedited_venuePanoramaIMG_9632IMG_9016 IMG_9012IMG_0057IMG_0153 IMG_0097IMG_0082IMG_0080IMG_0155CB7A3555CB7A3580IMG_0228IMG_0238CB7A3651IMG_0259IMG_0274IMG_0272IMG_0386 CB7A3899IMG_0495IMG_0484IMG_0460IMG_0354IMG_0340CB7A3889IMG_0702IMG_0367IMG_0716CB7A4077CB7A4078IMG_0714 IMG_0872IMG_0862IMG_0744IMG_0746IMG_1385IMG_1381IMG_1361IMG_1340 IMG_1325IMG_1307IMG_1295IMG_1283IMG_1335CB7A4490IMG_1258IMG_1154IMG_1106IMG_1275CB7A4391IMG_0067-X3CB7A4255-X3IMG_1051-X3IMG_1761IMG_1803IMG_1695IMG_1696 IMG_1692IMG_1752 IMG_1645 IMG_1612 IMG_1591 IMG_1544 CB7A4950IMG_1491 IMG_1488 IMG_1470