It’s springtime and I am back in Baltimore!

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Hello hello friends!

Sorry for the long bout of silence! I have since relocated my life back to my home state of Maryland! I have lucked out enough to be able to have a beautiful location to work out of in Canton, close to downtown Baltimore.

I haven’t had much time the last few months to do anything out of my norm as I have been busy working on many different projects with clients and moving. To commemorate the next step in my career, I decided to team up with one of the most talented hair and makeup artists I know, Caitlyn Meyer, to create some new images. I have been scouring bridal magazines and hunting for images that were inspiring and a lot of the images I found that I was drawn to were simple one light images.

I have been wanting to get into the studio and try my hand at a simpler lighting style and was pretty pleased with the outcome. Caitlyn nailed it with the hair and makeup and even stepped up to make the flower crowns shown below. I also want to send a BIG thank you to the always stunning Lisa Ruocco for being my lovely model!

Without further ado… here is what we did!!

Hair, Makeup and Flower Crown: Caitlyn Meyer


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Before & After

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Happy Valentine’s Day Friends!
Just wanted to wish you all a very happy day whether you are single or with someone, enjoy today as a day to love yourself and those around you. With that being said, I wanted to show a little love to a few of my beautiful, inside and out, clients. I recently did a “girlie” session in my hometown of Baltimore, MD! I wanted to show you a few before and after images of the girls I had the pleasure of working with. These girls are stunning on their own. Their reasons for doing these shoots are different, whether they are doing this for a loved one or for their own to make themselves feel good, I am thankful a million times over that they allow me to work with them. It’s always fun to plan a day to pamper yourself and be thankful for what you have. We spend too much time as women, talking about what we don’t like about ourselves and not enough being thankful for what we possess. Take some time today to thank your body, all of it!! You will notice I didn’t post photos without any makeup or hair done on these ladies, I pulled an image of them from their everyday life. You can see how naturally beautiful these ladies are. We just play up their natural beauty!

Thank you ladies. You are are beautiful and I am thankful to all of you for allowing me to do what I love everyday!


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Katie & Mike at The Noah Liff Opera Center

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Early last year we ended up meeting and getting to know a lovely event planner in Nashville named Sarah Willard, of Music City Events. She runs Music City Events here in our home town of Nashville, TN. Sarah was the connection that introduced us with Katie and Mike. We met for coffee and chatted about life and goofed around and had an instant connection with the couple.

So we were over-the-moon excited when the couple contacted us to photograph their big day. Katie was quite possibly the most relaxed bride I have ever met. She was kind and worried more about the people with her on the her big day than herself. Their wedding was best described as being just a good time.

They had family fly in from all over the United States. The attendance was roughly around 300 people. It was not only a special day due to the amazing joining of the couple but the families whom never get to see each other due to distance got to spend time together.

The Noah Liff Opera Center was hands down one of my favorite venues I have had the pleasure of photographing a wedding at and the background made for some extremely bright and fun images.

Congrats Katie and Mike!

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“Country Wives” Spread in Country Weekly

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This shoot took place over 2 days, 3 locations, 2 racks of clothes, 1 stylist, 2 glam artists, 2 assistants, and a bottle of fireball!!! The spread features Tiffany Fallon, Becky Sweet, Sarah Davidson, and Caroline Bryan and talks about how the ladies can stay in style on any red carpet… even if its their own carpet at home.

Over the past 2 years, these 4 women have become great friends of the B.O.B. family and as you can tell in these “behind the scene” photos… its always a good time!!

Random Shoot Fact #1: The Guitar in Becky Sweet’s shoot was Philip’s guitar he was playing when daughter, Penelopi, took her first steps. It was damaged in the recent floods and the Sweet’s managed to hang on the guitar as it holds wonderful memories.

Random Shoot Fact #2: The outdoor farm images were taken at Luke and Caroline’s new farm in Franklin, TN.

Random Shoot Fact #3: The group shot and Tiffany’s image with her Playmate Corvette, which she received for being named Playmate of the Year in 2005, where shot at her and Joe Don’s old house.


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Christie & Kike at the Baltimore Museum of Industry

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Happy January 2014 everyone!! As promised, I will be blogging as much as humanly possible this year. We will be posting tons of shoots and keeping you up to date with some of the new projects we have going on.

To kick off the new year I am going to be posting a wedding of a lovely couple I had the pleasure of working with this year on their big day!! This wedding was also posted on my favorite wedding blog, Rock n Roll Bride!

I met Christie while I was living in Baltimore years ago through mutual friends. We have kept in touch over the years and when she opened her incredibly awesome Boutique and Tattoo studio with her then FiancĂ©, Kike, we teamed up and did some fun shots for press. I grew to really appreciate the relationship Christie and Kike shared. They work and live together and still manage to share this bond I haven’t seen in many couples. Kike always calls her “Bella” and it makes me smile. So I was over the moon excited when they approached me to photograph their big day.

The wedding was held at the Baltimore Museum of Industry. It was rainy in Baltimore the day of their wedding, but we lucked out and it cleared up and we ended up getting sun at the time of their ceremony. The couple is eclectic, fun and loving. I feel that their ceremony reflected that!

A memorable moment, which I caught in a few images below, was when I was photographing Christie with her bridesmaids. I tend to crawl around on the ground to get certain shots I like and we had the two flower girls standing in the middle. Her niece began mimicking what I was doing and in her pretty flower girl dress she ended crawling on the ground and laying down mirroring me.

The wedding itself was full of some amazing people and I count myself incredibly lucky to have been able to spend the day with everyone!

Check out some of the images below and if you would like to check out the blog post on Rock N Roll Bride, Click Here!

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Kyle and Britt’s Marathon Village Wedding

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Kyle and Britt’s wedding was a very special one for me. I have known Kyle since I started working out at Hotbox Fitness in Nashville, TN. This has quickly become a popular workout for local people that reside here. Kyle is such a great trainer and so much for to work out with. We ended up becoming friends and Kyle was super excited when he decided he was going to propose to Britt. Kyle is unlike a lot of guys I know, he gushed about how excited he was and put a lot of time and effort into planning the PERFECT proposal to his soon to be wife! It involved a treasure hunt and ended with everyone’s friends and family at the end. So I was EXTREMELY excited when I was approached to photograph their special day!

The day was full of happy tears, smiles, hugs and laughter. Not only was everyone in the wedding super sweet, they were genuinely happy for the couple. I am not one to usually admit it but I was brought to tears by the love this couple shared. I have never seen two people more excited to get married for the sheer purpose of sharing their life together. Congrats to Kyle & Britt and thank you so much for letting me a part of your big day!

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Abby Kelly Head Shot Transformation

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I always love getting to work with people I know, well in all honesty I enjoy working with everyone. However, when I am presented with a challenge, like taking someone I know rather well, and making their “look” change, I jump at the chance. My good friend Abby Kelly was in need of updating her head shots to be able to show a much wider range than “the girl next door” type casting she was constantly getting. So she approached me with some images that were all over the board and I loved it. We took it from natural light to drastic studio lighting that transformed her into a smoking siren. I was so happy with the way the images came out.

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Trash the Dress… Southern Style.

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A recent trend in the wedding world is known as a shoot called “Trash the Dress.” This is something we have been wanting to do and Tarryn had a great idea to do a “Southern Style: Trash the Dress.” So we figured what a better bride to team up with than Caroline Bryan, wife to country singer Luke Bryan.

They both were born and raised in the south and live and breath southern culture. We decided to create a trash the dress that involved fishing, Fireball Whiskey, Budweiser, ribs and ranch dressing. So Caroline caught up with her two close girl pals, Tiffany Fallon and Carah Owen. We had such a fun day with all the ladies at Luke and Caroline’s farm in TN. Tarryn and I both got to experience our first turn behind the wheel of an ATV and took some shots of Fireball to celebrate the day with such a fun group of people. Without further ado… here is our spin on a Southern Trash the Dress with a few behind the scenes shots from the day. We hope you enjoy looking through these as we did creating them!


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Photography: Jillian Hughes
Hair and Concept: Tarryn Feldman
Makeup: Lyndsay Doyle Davis

Andrea & Dustin

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On June 1, 2013 I had the pleasure of photographing Andrea & Dustin’ wedding. It’s actually a fun back story on how I met the couple. When I first moved to Nashville from Los Angeles, I moved into an apartment complex in Brentwood, TN called The Landings. They had great pool parties in the summer time, which is subsequently, where I met Andrea. It was Memorial Day weekend and the place was packed. We were all enjoying the festivities and through mutual friends I started chatting with Andrea and we started talking about life and all that fun stuff and the topic of jobs came up and I told her I was a photographer.She was so sweet and we all ended up parting ways at the end of the day. I later learned that very same day Andrea met her future husband, Dustin.

Turns out pool parties can be more than just duck floaties and Budweiser. Fast forward till earlier this year and we get a call from Andrea asking if we could meet to discuss photographing her wedding! Needless to say I was honored. These two people were made for each other. It was apparent by all of the emotions in the room that day. I have an amazing job that allows me to capture moments in time that can be looked back on years from now. Dustin and Andrea will have millions of more moments but here are some of my favorites from the day of these two…

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Bridal and Bridal Party Makeup: Tarryn Feldman of Bombs Over Betty
Second Shooter: Morgan Yingling
Wedding Planner: Bella Bleu
Florist: Always in Bloom
Catering: Jim ‘N Nicks BBQ

Saucer and Savive Clothing Shoot!!!!!

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Had such a great time shooting this T-Shirt line!!!! How good looking are those models?????