I honestly couldn’t fall more head over heels for these two if I tried. I met Paul and Elise at a Starbucks in White Marsh after a few back and forth emails when the beautiful pair reached out about the possibility of photographing their big day. I was about three weeks away from having my little guy, aka SUPER pregnant, and I honestly don’t think I laughed that hard in a long time. Because let’s be honest, late in your pregnancy isn’t a laughable experience. But being able to smile and laugh at that point should tell you quite a lot about these two. Elise was even kind enough to send Clark a hand knitted hat from one of her residence when he was born… talk about new mommy tears when I opened it.

I just wanted to share a little back story on the type of hearts these two have. We met up at a beach I haven’t been two in some time called Terrapin Beach on the Kent Island side of the Bay Bridge. And I am so lucky we did! These images came out so great, but in all honesty how could they not with these two?

I hope you enjoy their engagement session as much as I loved being running through the water, hiding in beach grass and laughing with these two!



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