I first want to say Happy Honeymooning to the newlyweds! They are off globetrotting and I am living vicariously through their social media updates ☺

These two wonderful humans right here are two people you would be lucky to meet let alone spend such a monumental day with. I met these two SUPER randomly at a bridal show. The bus that was shuttling people two and from different venues had stopped running without any notice and they were really far away from the vehicle. As I was pulling away, I offered them a ride because it was super hot and a terrible uphill walk. So imagine my excitement when I heard from the pair a bit later after they secured their venue and asked if I would be available for their big day. They reside in beautifully sunny CA. So most of our conversations were via phone and Facetime dates.

Fast-forward to their wedding day and it was a beautiful thing to be a part of. They had a brunch wedding at the stunning Belmont Manor. There were so many intricate surprises the pair had planned out, including working in a bit of science into their ceremony. They each had their godmother escort, what looked two be two beakers of water down the isle. They were placed on each side of a larger glass vase. During a beautiful speech they each poured their “water” into the larger vase and got a SUPER cool chemical reaction and turned the combination PINK! What a cool idea!

I hope you enjoy their day. It’s one of those amazing weddings that will stick with you for the remainder of your career. Two amazing people. One beautiful day. Thank you for allowing me to be there Shelby and Kay <3



The team:

Dress: Her mom’s own wedding dress which was redesigned by Kay
Tux: Jos A Bank
Flowers: Perry Hall Florist
Catering: Ken’s Creative Kitchen
Venue: Belmont Manor

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  1. Kathy Lamar

    Thanks so much Jillian for helping make wonderful memories! We had so much fun with you, and the photos are beautiful! Kathy (Kay’s mom)

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