I had the pleasure of meeting Dawn and Michael via a FaceTime date when the pair lived in California. They were planning a move back to Maryland to be closer to family and were getting married back in Dawn’s home state. After a laugh filled FaceTime we were all pretty excited to work together. The pair has an infectious humor that makes you immediately want to high five them and run and take photos. So needless to say, I was pretty excited to go play on Monday night and capture their engagement session.

It was an evening full of laughter and nice weather. They even humored me enough to get into the not so clear water down near the Have de Grace pier in order to get the shots you see of them walking in the water. It was pretty cold, slimy and didn’t smell that wonderful… but I am sure glad they got in. They are some of my favorite shots from the evening.

Enough of my silly rambling… I hope you all enjoy looking at the images as much as I loved taking them!

Happy Thursday Friends!



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  1. Beautiful Photos,
    I love the emotion!

    Kind Regards

    Mihai Medves


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