I need a serious reality check on how is it humanly possible to have had the wonderful opportunity of capturing Shervonne and Elliot’s BIG day! Truly, I’ve been looking forward to seeing this beautiful couple for what seems like an eternity.

Finally the day comes and my cup over runneth with how beautiful everything turned out. Especially, given the circumstances that their venue canceled on them two weeks prior to the big day!

Shervonne and I spent much time and utilizing every connection we had while scratching our heads trying to pull together strings and make it work! We were able to get our foot graciously in the door of Angels Share Farm, through the amazing help of Jane Pruitt of the amazing Sascha’s catering and her dear friends Renee and Dave. Side note: such an AMAZING venue with breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and weren’t even open to the general public yet, but in an act of pure kindness, they said they couldn’t imagine a bride not having a place to get married and managed to pull it all together to make it work. After all the headaches subsided and the day took storm, you would’ve never known the painstaking planning that took place leading up to the moment they said “I do.”

Speaking of “I Do’s” Shervonne and Elliot had the greatest ceremony EVER at the Fredrick Historical Society Museum! I walked away feeling like I just watched my favorite romantic comedy unfold in front of me. Their personal friend officiated the wedding and was on point with making us all belly laugh and even tear up over how stinking cute these two are!

You’ll see below we were able to perform a segment that I like to call “get it in.” Where we literally hustled all around the town of Fredrick to capture a wide variety of kick butt shots. Shervonne was in it to win it and Elliot was a good sport but an even better Husband by holding her dress, unwavering!

There is SO much love between this couple and I could go on for hours telling you some of my favorite stories of the day. BUT! I know you’re all just bubbling over with curiosity pondering WHO is this fantastic couple and WHY does she have such amazing hair?!

Just want to take a moment and give a quick shout out to all the vendors who made this day great when the pressure was on! As well as, thank both the Eubanks’ and Cherry family for providing me with the two most BEAUTIFUL people I’ve ever had the pleasure of capturing.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed being a part of the their story!


The team that made it all possible:

Cake: Maggie’s Custom Bake Shop
Coordinator & Florals: Virginia Michele
Bridal Party Florals: EnMasse
Caterer: The Savory Spoon Catering
Rentals (Ceremony): Cream Party Rentals
Rentals (Reception): Elegant Decor Rentals —  Amara Camara –  elegantdecor@aol.com
Makeup: Emily Marcellino, emilymarcellino@gmail.com
Hair: Selah Alexander (Install) & Emily Marcellino (Styling)
Dress: Enzoani Emporia, K&B Bridal
DJ & Lighting: Baltimore’s Premier Event Solutions
Reception Location: Angel’s Share Farm — Brian Donley & Rene Foust, 410.808.6505, Rfoust@donleyconstruction.com
Ceremony Location: Historical Society of Frederick County, Heritage Garden
Guest Transportation: Rills Bus Service

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