Sometimes I get lucky enough to meet couples and I instantly know we are going to hit if off like magic. And with Tim & Sarah that was truly the case.

The adorable pair and I came into each others lives through the power of Social Media. They were living in Seattle at the time with plans of moving back to Baltimore in the coming months and were planning their wedding in Baltimore. So after an awesome FaceTime date, where I got to meet their ADORABLE little fur child Henry, I was so insanely excited to work with the pair.

Sarah and Tim wanted to incorporate some local Baltimore Love into their shoot all around their neighborhood. So not only did we shoot at Paterson Park, we stopped by one of the awesome Baltimore Love Project walls and ended on the water in Canton. I truly had a wonderful evening with these two. It felt like I had known them for years.

Sarah is not only kind but such a lovely person and Tim is equally sweet and so much fun. The pair compliment each other perfectly and I cannot wait for their big day!

I hope you enjoy looking through their session as much as I loved capturing it!



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  1. Deborah Hoppe

    Jillian…Love the photos. They were very excited to have met you whIle they were still in Portland and even more enthusiastic after meeting you in person.

  2. Maria Rivera

    These are awesome pictures! Sarah and Tim look fabulous and the photography is excellent!

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