I remember the first time I met up to for a meeting with this lovely soon-to-be-bride and I couldn’t have been more excited. She was sweet, kind and a truly all around lovely person. And anyone that knows me is aware of my nerdy love of freckles and Angela has the most adorable freckles I have ever seen!

When we decided to work together I was truly super pumped for their engagement session. I had yet to meet Dave because he splits his time between Baltimore and Denver, CO. But once we were all in the same spot it was non-stop laughter. I am truly honored and humbled when I get to spend engagement sessions with my couples. I feel this time is unlike anything else. We get to just be silly and I get to know their story. What they love about each other and how to make them laugh fun things that make them unique.

I truly have the most amazing job. I hope you enjoy looking through Angela & Dave’s engagement session as much as I loved photographing it!



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  1. Maggie Brown

    Angela is my Goddaughter, every word you wrote about her is the truth. She’s beautiful inside and out, and Dave is no slouch either. Love you Angela and Dave. The pictures are absolutely beautiful!

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