Who said it was good luck for it to rain on their wedding day? Emily and Kevin must be the luckiest newlyweds on the planet right now, and rightfully so. I mean seriously these two set the bar high for most amazing power couple EVER!

With that being said, their big day was UNBELIEVABLY beautiful in so many ways. From the handwritten invitations, escort cards and favors to the mixed and matched china collected over months were precariously placed through out the Patapsco Female Institute. Which in itself was just a breathtakingly gorgeous venue with old world charm mixed with modern shabby chic influences.

“Murphy’s Law” Emily told my assistant on that rainy afternoon. In turn she began to explain that anything that could go wrong would indeed go wrong on their wedding day. We may have been soaked and the power may have gone out at the ceremony but Emily and Kevin didn’t even mind. When we were all panicked we turned to them and we catch them smiling at one another.

Spoiler alert, they had the ceremony without power, the band working off a generator to play Emily’s processional and Kevin still cried the ENTIRE ceremony.

If you’re a sucker for first looks, Emily and Kevin’s was a moment we all choked up on through our camera lenses trying to capture their undeniable love for one another.

As much love their was that day, it was also so much fun being around this energetic bunch. You’ll find Kevin’s laugh infectious and Emily’s smile contagious while looking at these stunners. We’ve never had a bride more willing to go stomp through the mud with her wedding dress to get the shot we were looking for.

It was such an honor for my team and I to be there on Emily and Kevin’s big day. Even though, it is such a bitter sweet moment knowing that the day is over and done with, but new friendships are definitely just beginning! I hope you enjoy looking at these moments below as we sure enjoyed being apart of them! Another huge congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Jordan!


The Amazing Cast that put it all together:

PA: Morgan Affayroux
Second Shooter: Mike Oswald
Hair and Makeup: Caitlyn Meyer
Crystal Crown: Mignone Handmade
Shoes: Steve Madden
Dress: BHLDN
Catering: Rouge Catering
Flowers: Mobtown Florals
Venue: Patapsco Female Institute
Cake: Kupcakes and Co.

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  1. Mobtown Florals

    These are wonderful, Jill! Congrats and lots of love to Emily & Kevin! <3

  2. Kevin Jordan

    Jill, you and your staff rock. There is no one else I know of who can capture a mood so clearly in pictures the way you do. Every time I look at these, I am transported back to the wettest and happiest day of my life. Thank you. You truly are an artist of the highest order. Emily and I are so grateful to have had you there to document our special day, but more grateful of your friendship. Thank you. We love you.

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