Brittany & James big day was hands down one of my favorites of the year. Not only are the pair one of the sweetest people you will ever meet but their love for each other and their fur baby, Byron, is unmatched.

I met Brittany through a lovely friend who had recommended me and after our first meeting, it was truly a match! She was so relaxed and calm about the big day and it was such a pleasant surprise her Mom, the lovely Sarah Cunningham was the owner Connect The Dot! Events, so I knew it was going to be a stunner of a day!

And it truly was! The styling was jaw dropping and looked like it was right out of a bridal magazine. I also loved how the pair made sure to get Byron out for some fun family wedding day photos, you can also see those below.

Everything from the first look, to the I Do’s to the most stunning sunset photos I have ever captured with my camera… the day was one I will never forget.

Sometimes I have to literally pinch myself to remember that this is real life. This is my job. And I get to capture these memories. I get to meet people like Brittany & James, I get to know their story and share in such a special time in their lives. Seeing love like theirs is truly a moving experience and keeps me moving on tough days.

So thank you to Mr. & Mrs. Battaglia, for just being overall amazing people and allowing me to be a part of your story <3



Amazing Vendor Lineup:
Photography: B.O.B Photography
Planning: Connect the Dots!
Officiant: Julie Rubin
Rentals/Tent: Eastern Shore Tents and Events
Makeup/Hair: Blush Cosmetics
Oysters: Orchard Point Oysters
Catering: Ken’s Creative Kitchen
Flowers: Cache Fleur
Band: Bosley Music
Violin/Ceremony: Christopher Yoder
Cake: Diana Higgins
Bridesmaids Dresses/Jumpsuits: Asos
Brides Dress: Her Mom’s vintage Monique Lhuillier revamped. Design by bride
Sails/Hanging: Vintage Log Canoe Sails
Invites: Hannah Marsh

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  1. sara england cunningham

    thank you jillian — you and your team were AMAZING! and, our family could not be more pleased with the beautiful way you captured brittany & james perfect day. love love love every single moment !!!! xoxo sara & briggs (brittany’s parents)

  2. Wow! Jill, you captured the essence of the day so well. Amazing.

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